The need for transparency. This campaign focused on the introduction of SNIP and SJR, two new measurement tools for determining the value of scientific citations. Before the release of SNIP and SJR, there was only one tool (impact factor) to measure citation impact, and it did not serve all users equally.

The impact factor provides valuable data in some fields and for some purposes, but even the creator of impact factor, Eugene Garfield, indicates that this single number is not enough. We proposed a campaign based on the message: "reality is more than just a number", where words and numbers are the main character, and science acts as a context. In this way, we show that using a single tool to measure is not scientifically reasonable.

Posters and future applications.

Credits: Copywriting and project management: Toni Bellanca and Michelle Pirotta
Creative Direction and graphic design: Alex Aráez

Made at THE WRITE COMPANY, 2010.

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